We are glad to annunce a huge 6th podcast episode hosted by the explosive greek duo: Disphonia!

With Eps on labels such as Trust in Music, M-Atome, Mindtech Recordings, Citrus them last release was signed for the historical SOM music imprint, they present to us a superb podcast full of dubs and exclusive beats:

George and Kostas, what kind of releases and collaborations we can expect from Disphonia in the near future?
Right now we're working on many and varied projects. The last couple of months haven't rolled so smoothly for us because of the blistering heatwave of the summer season making is extremely hard to sit down and concentrate on anything, let alone work on music.
One's impulse behaviour in the heat is to get as far away as possible from stuffy confined studio spaces :P .
The current political and economic state of the country is in a mess and this a cause of major unrest and affects everyone. On a happier note, we personally are close to finishing a collab with Dementia and Rregula as well as a track with our buddy Camelorg. Within the next couple of weeks our collab track "Divorced" with Dephzac should be seeing the light of day.
There are some more collabs in the pipeline as well as solo work scheduled for the beginning of 2013.

How does the duo interact togehter during the production?
Any interaction between two people is bound to have its ups and downs. We don't live together so the initialization of a track or any idea is usually begun solely by the one party and then bounced over to the other. When things start to take shape for the sequencing and mixing stage, we get together for a while and work on it till we're both content.
Being that we are quite dissimilar as people but joined through mutual interests means that the process is often really hard and slow to get going. This however we consider to be a positive thing because the outcome is better than anticipated and caters to both our likings

What kind of artists influenced more your sound?
As far as dnb is concerned our main influences are Stakka & Skynet, Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict, Black Sun Empire and Gridlok. Besides music and dnb in particular, any thought provoking art form affects our sound.
We believe the strongest influence is the impulse of the moment.

What is your studio setup?
We both use Mac computers running Logic Pro and have impractical amounts of plug-ins and soundbanks at our disposal. As far as monitors go we both work with ADAM monitors (P22 and A7 respectively).
Unfortunately we do no have any hardware or external gear at this point in time but you could help us get some outboard by booking us to play in your town! :P

How is the Drum & Bass scene in Athens?
Athens's Drum n'Bass scene came into being around the time the genre was growing internationally and was greatly accepted thereon after. In the last couple of years we've seen sets by a great deal of scene names and a rise of local talent that stand out and are releasing good tunes (Myselor,Insom,Camelorg and Throttler ).
Over the past 2 years, we can easily say, there have been events every weekend in Athens and other major cities and there is a large and supportive following!

We will have George representing the duo in Amsterdam the 22th of October for a special Cheeky event, don't miss it!

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